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Your medical quality wearable to monitor heart health 24/7 and predict sudden cardiac arrest before it strikes.

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A wearable to tackle cardiac arrest

heartisans wearable

Heartisans is a medical-quality heart health wearable. Aiming to tackle a medical emergency known as sudden cardiac arrest, Heartisans delivers an advance warning of any cardiac arrest episode so you can take life-saving actions.

Our proprietary algorithm is used to determine the chances of cardiac arrest from the variability of your heart beat. It also enables stress level monitoring, and correlates your activity and sleep patterns with your heart health.

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Key Features

10 mins advance warning

Cardiac Arrest Advance Warning

Our machine learning algorithm analyses your heart heath, predicts the occurrence of a cardiac arrest episode and warns you before it occurs.

Heart-rate monitoring

24/7 Heart-rate monitoring

Our wearable monitors your heart health continuously to give you a peace of mind.

stress level monitoring

Stress level monitoring

Stress is a trigger of cardiac arrest. Our technology tracks your stress level and recommends action to relieve your stress.


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