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You won’t know until you measure.

High blood pressure has no symptoms. Know where you stand in terms of health with measurements that matter.

Measure blood pressure on the go

Record ECG tracing instantly

Track heart rate 24/7

Log steps and sleep

Motivation to live healthy.

Get immediate biofeedback on your blood pressure, pulse and heart rhythm, when you need it.

Learn valuable information of what triggers high blood pressure: location, activity, time of day, or emotion.

Accuracy matters.

Robust ECG and PPG sensors are designed to minimize signal interference that comes from your body’s natural movement.

Heartisans Watch estimates blood pressure by measuring the speed of a pulse flowing from the heart to wrist.

Meaningful health measurements.

How it works.

Calibrate once a week to ensure accurate readings. Measure blood pressure with traditional BP monitor while wearing Heartisans Watch.

Connect Heartisans Watch with the complimentary iOS or Android app.

Wear Heartisans Watch and place finger on ECG sensor, remain still for 30 seconds. Data from ECG and PPG sensor is gathered and analysed.

Get your BP reading! Data is sent to app where you can track and share your measurements. Repeat step 3 whenever you want a BP measurement.

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The future of health tracking is here.

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