Common Questions

Where and when can I pre-order the Heartisans Watch?
The Heartisans Watch is ready to order on our online store at
How much is the Heartisans Watch?
The watch is available for the early-bird discounted price of US$ 149, via Limited units available.
Where will Heartisans ship to?
We accept shipments worldwide.
When will I receive the watch?

We will begin shipping in March 2018.

How accurate is the Heartisans Watch?
Heartisans is benchmarking accuracy according to European Society of Hypertension - International Protocol’s, and IEEE Standard for Wearable, Cuff-less Blood Pressure Measuring Devices.
Can the Heartisans watch be a replacement for my existing wearable device?
With all of the following features, we think the Heartisans watch is a complete wearable solution for monitoring the most important health metrics.
Where can I view my measurements?
The Heartisans Watch works in sync with the Heartisans app, which will be available on Google Play and Apple Store. When synchronised with the app and when within range, the app will store real time data for the parameters required. You can view your measurements over time, and also track changes based on activity.
Do I need a smartphone to use the Heartisans Watch?

The Heartisans Watch is compatible with both iPhone & Android devices.

It won’t be necessary to use Heartisans Watch with a smartphone for every blood pressure measurement but it is required for set-up and occasional calibration of the watch. Connecting the watch with a smartphone will allow you to keep a detailed log of blood pressure, ECG, heartrate, and steps. You may also choose to share the data with family or doctors.

The Heartisans Watch pairs with the app to ensure activity and measurement data is synced and stored daily for you to access it later.

The app is required for calibration but it is not needed for daily blood pressure measurements or activity tracking.

How long does the battery last?
The Heartisans Watch's battery life will be approximately 1 day and will require a charging dock, which comes with the watch.
Why do I need to calibrate the Heartisans Watch?

Calibration is important to maintaining the accuracy of your blood pressure measurements. It tells the Heartisans Watch what Pulse Transit Time (PTT) value correlates with what value of systolic and diastolic blood pressure for a specific person. This is important because we are all physically unique – we have different heights, arm lengths, weights and conditions – so similar PTT values can equate to very different blood pressures in different people. Or alternatively, similar blood pressure in two people can equate to completely different PTT values. The key is calibrating Heartisans Watch to ensure the measurements are accurate to you and your body.

The watch can be used before all of the calibrations in the first week are complete. The additional calibrations increase accuracy of the device over time but the watch is able to measure your blood pressure accurately after the first calibration.

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